Saturday, 2 June 2018

What is Difference between static and dynamic IPs.

  •  Static IPs.

  1. Static Internet Protocol.
  2. This IP address that is permanently assigned to your computer  by your ISP.
  3. IP address not change even if your computer reboots.
  4. Expensive than dynamic IP address .
  5. Provided by ISP or system admin.
  6. Less secure compare to DHCP.
  • Dynamic IPs. 

  1. Dynamic Internet Protocol.
  2. This IP address dynamically assigned to your computer by DHCP server.
  3. IP address may be change if your computer reboots.(Depends on TTL).
  4. Cheaper than static IP address.
  5. Provided by DHCP server.
  6. More secure compare to static ip.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How To Export GPG(PGP) Private Key From Machine-1 & Import On Machine-2.

Use this command to check the private key status of machine1.
#gpg --list-secret-keys

Use this command to export your private key from machine1.
#gpg --export-secret-keys Key_ID > private-key.asc

Run this command on machine1.
Use SCP command to copy private key from machine1 to machine2.
 # scp -r  private-key.asc username@machine2_IP:/tmp/

Run this command on machine2.
Use this command to Import machine1 private key on machine2.
#gpg --import private-key.asc

Check the key install or not on machine2.
 #gpg --list-secret-keys
·         If the key is already installed on machine2 then you get error the Key already known' so you need to delete the both the private and public key on machine2. (First you need to delete public key then private key)

Delete Public key.
#gpg --delete-keys 

Delete Private key. 
#gpg --delete-secret-keys